As we discussed in part one, the experts talk about how significant 3D Anamorphic billboards are – as it offers an experience that instantly hooks passersby leading to higher engagement.

The beginning of this technology is unclear, yet we’re pretty sure it was in Asia; some resources confirm that it’s been found in India. At the same time, other resources suggest that China was the one to come up with 3D Naked Eye billboards. 

The trend of the 3D Naked eye was reaching its peak in 2022, as, thanks to social media, we came across a couple of remarkable campaigns by brands like Nike, Balenciaga, and Samsung. 

Let’s outline the rest of the campaigns InsiteOOH reviewed in UAE in 2022.

Tourism had its share in technology!

Sharjah Events was one of the beautifully executed campaigns, using a traditional and digital format. The movie of the DOOH spaces demonstrates the Emirati guy acting as a magician offering the audience fun and gifts, using the naked-eye 3D technique. While on the lampposts, the character stands welcoming the audience in confidence, with a magnificent view of a fun castle.

In addition, Jakarta’s campaign followed the same line of creativity when it comes to the 3D naked eye technology.

Du mind-blew us with an unforgettable campaign

The beauty of the digital copy is it has multiple Easter eggs to talk to your subconscious about how you will dominate the digital world using the offered plans; for example, the flying UFO tells how the future is near next scene is a soccer player with some talented kick to send the idea of how easy you can stream using the packages, a sing-along performer to send the vibes of how easy you can stream music as if you’re attending a concert. And the last scene is a screaming dinosaur as an inspiration of 3D, whether in movies, games or even museums, smoothly without lagging or annoying buffering.

Lancôme, Prada, and Cartier added some opulence to the DOOH scene

LANCÔME PARIS has allured Dubai’s OOH audience, joining forces with superstar and gorgeous beauty Zendaya to flaunt the LE 8 HYPNÔSE mascara.

Along with the brilliant choice of the ambassador, choosing the  3D naked eye campaign to promote the mascara was the perfect decision for introducing it in a way that will capture the viewers' attention, let alone the interested demography. 

Prada’s Campaign was with the help of the beauty of Emma Watson and was promoting the Paradoxe new perfume. 

Cartier’s campaign was minimalist and put all the spotlights “literally” on the show's superstar, the precious Panthère de Cartier. The campaign used red color as the primary color, which symbolizes many things, such as power, vigor, and full of life.

After all, a 3D billboard is a high-profile, noticeable display. When a brand chooses this path definitely is to stand out. It brings instant awareness. Regardless of where you choose to put your ad, the 3D effect will ensure that your brand reaches the masses. We're pretty biased about this technology for many reasons. Suppose it's not the unforgettable appearance of the brand. In that case, it's how good the visual entertains the eye and the imagination that makes the advertising smooth and accepting without invading the eye.

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