Thank you for visiting our monthly Industry Insights report. The market insight for January 2023 focuses on the OOH market, which includes outdoor advertising activity on Greater Cairo highways as a reflection of Egyptian market industries' operations.

Compared to December 2022's OOH occupancy rate of 73%, Greater Cairo had a 4% decline in the occupancy rate of 69% in January 2023.

This month, Arts & Media, also known as Media & Broadcasting on Insite OOH, increased by 3% in January 2023 compared to December 2022. Foodservice has also exhibited a solid percentage increase of 2% over the previous month. Last but not least, Retail increased by 1% over December. Furniture and Household Items, also known as Furniture & Interiors on Insite OOH, has shown a 2% decrease in OOH occupancy compared to December 2022. A 1% decrease in occupancy rate is also visible in the Automotive industry. Last but not least, Education's occupancy rate has been steady in comparison to the previous month.

Comparing January 2023 to January 2022, we find a pattern in OOH activity, with the occupancy rate remaining at 69%.

We see a 2% increase in OOH activity in Arts & Media as we continue our year-to-year OOH activity research for each industry between January 2023 and January 2022. When compared to the previous year, Retail and Education both grew by 1%. On the other hand, the occupancy rate for Foodservice and Furniture and Household Items remains stable. In terms of the industry with a rate of reduction in OOH occupancy, we see that Automotive has declined by 2% from January 2022.

Valentine's Day, a holiday dedicated to appreciating love, is celebrated in February. Could we anticipate an increase in OOH occupancy in Greater Cairo for the Foodservice, Consumer Electronics, and Retail Shopping Markets?

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