With a surprising twist of events, telecommunications just made a huge appearance in January’s OOH top campaigns race. Unlike the previous couple of months, real estate was a constant winner till December’s top campaigns. Tune tuned to know who is the winner of this month’s race.

On spot number five came Gate Development’scampaign, a campaign promoting administrative and commercial spaces that are customized according to your needs as a doctor, executive, creative, or foodie. The campaign occupied the OOH market with 60 ad faces. This is less than the 5th contender of the previous month, which was 69 ad faces for Wadi Degla Developments’

The 4th spot went for The City New Capital by Master Group, the real estate developer in the campaign aimed to fulfill the needs of potential commercial and residential property purchasers in the NAC and Ras Sedr; it also stood out by offering recreational and residential services. The campaign took 62 ad faces of the market’s strength.

The 3rd place with the number of 66 ad faces went to Vodafone, the telecom company; in this campaign, Vodafone went through a bold artistic direction featuring paintings of Mohamed Salah in different exotic locations and scenes on every billboard with the tagline “The Network is Doubled

It’s worth mentioning that this campaign used digital screens.

The 2nd campaign went to Paragon Developments' “We are Paragonizing Egypt” campaign. That won first place in the previous month’s top campaigns race.

This month the campaign occupied 72 ad faces compared to 85 ad faces last month. This branding campaign was a little playful as the real estate developer’s brand name is transformed into an adjective.

And for the first spot and the winner of this month’s race is WE, the telecommunications company to make it two telecom brands occupying the top 5 of the race, which changed the pattern that most of the time goes to real estate.

This campaign was huge on many levels if it’s not about bringing 6 ambassadors to represent different demographics, it’s about the rebranding and the radical change in the logo, slogan, and color palette.

The campaign won the race with the sum of 87 ad faces compared to the winner of the previous campaign, which was 85 ad faces.

Follow the infographic to see some of the more exciting campaigns that conquered Cairo's billboards this month. Also, through January’s market insight, learn more data and figures about the latest analysis of Cairo's billboards.


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