We’ve witnessed during 2022 a lot of significant updates in the Out-of-Home industry, especially in the Emirati region. Apart from using multiple formats for the same campaign, that can reach five and, in some cases, six formats serving one brand. The OOH industry in UAE during 2022 was facing some maturity.

In this Experts Talk, we’re focusing on one of the trends that have been around for a while, but in 2022, it was raising the bar! It’s the Naked-Eye 3D technology.

Outdoor digital billboards may cost approx. $280,000 USD, and this depends on the size, location, quality/clarity of the screen technology, and duration of the display. In addition to this, you can also expect to pay for the structure and installation of the billboard.

Pepsi and World Cup

Qatar World Cup’22 was held in November; there were a couple of campaigns promoting the sports event, but one campaign was very remarkable on many levels, which is the PEPSI campaign to promote a limited edition can with the faces of cheerleaders on it with the motto of “Come On!”, The campaign was displayed on The VIEW @ The Beach.

A near-life experience: Automotive Edition

Speaking of booming, Automotive had a fair share of the naked-eye displays as Audi by Al Nabooda released two campaigns Powered by PHD while Mercedes Benz released a campaign that was displayed in Downtown Dubai to 

The aptly named Riot Games on DOOH

The DOOH’s campaign visuals used two DOOH spaces to showcase Harbor transforming the element that symbolizes life (Water) into a lethal weapon. The character strikes Valorant by Riot Games, which is surrounded by water. With his superpower, water is retracted from the visuals, exciting the OOH viewers to download the game and try out a new character. 

Dyson's special edition made it to downtown Dubai!

The home appliances brand, Dyson, launched its first 3D campaign in downtown Dubai to promote its revolutionary Airwrap™. The choice of using Naked-eye 3D as a format to make their new invention unforgettable if it’s not of its unbeatable quality that we all know; it’s going to be by the way it's advertised.

Samsung was “Breaking the rules” by using their famous “tiger”

One of the most famous Naked-eye 3D campaigns in 2022, if not in the history of 3D OOH advertising, was Samsung’s

The campaign was launched right before their event “Galaxy Unpacked 2022”. The campaign was spread in New York, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Seoul to prepare the audience for their new Galaxy S22 series.

DOOH is your way to go! Here’s why! 

Reaching the fact that DOOH is pricier than traditional OOH, there are many reasons that make brands choose the 3D option. Reason 1 is the ability to give the audience a unique visual experience from what they've seen before. Also, the audience will surely be drawn to 3D technology among the many commercials we see every day since they are practically jumping out at you. Reason 2, we’re in the era of rapid advertising. The faster the ad reaches the audience, the more successful the ad is, which is what DOOH offers exactly. Moreover, the duration of the ad can be easily controlled, which can help brands for better time-oriented targeting or running their campaigns for a certain period.

The talk about this technology won't finish in one article., so we've decided to produce another episode to resume reviewing the United Arab Emirate's 3D campaigns in 2022 and their influence on brand awareness. Stay tuned for another round to amuse your eyes with other brands that use this revolutionary technology. 

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