Axi, a multi-asset broker and trading platform with headquarters across Asia as well as in the UAE, has recently launched an advertising campaign to promote its services. Axi is an official trading partner of Manchester City FC, which allows traders to experience the full potential of their financial services, including online trading with gold, commodities, and stocks through their platform.

The hoardings are part of Axi's outdoor (OOH) advertising strategy, allowing them to reach out to potential customers in a more direct manner. This is an effective way for them to make their presence known in the market and establish themselves as a reliable source for online trading with gold. The campaign is sure to bring more awareness about Axis services among UAE citizens and traders across the world.

The visuals used a well featured and intriguing wave of a golden splash with bars of gold, a hint towards the gold trading services they promote. The OOH campaign aims to demonstrate that trading with gold can be a lucrative investment option while also highlighting Axi’s simple platform, which makes it easy for investors to manage their investments with confidence.

However, the broker platform campaign mentioned that the gold trading process might be dicey if not invested correctly, and all capital might be lost in a hazardous move.

This campaign popped up in the fourth week of January in Dubai, featuring Trinet Outdoor Advertising's hoardings.

The Art & Science of OOH

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