SODIC Advertises Four Real Estate Projects In West Cairo and the North Coast on Greater Cairo’s OOH

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SODIC Advertises Four Real Estate Projects In West Cairo and the North Coast on Greater Cairo’s OOH

SODIC is one of Egypt's premier real estate development enterprises, with a history of more than two decades of successful operation. SODIC provides award-winning large-scale developments to the market, addressing Egypt's ever-increasing demand for high-quality housing, commercial, and retail areas. 

In November 2022, the real estate developer launched two out-of-home with the most recent appearance for SODIC being at the end of November. The last appearance for the well-experienced real estate developer was a branding campaign with the marketing objective of commemorating their 25th anniversary in the Egyptian real estate market. The ad message for the campaign highlighted their goal to offer their property purchaser; “25 Years of Timeless Views” and “25 Years of Timeless Moments”.

With the beginning of 2023, SODIC today’s awareness campaign advertises not one but four real estate projects! In this campaign, the real estate developer advertises three real estate projects in West Cairo; Allegria ( The world-class, award-winning development on 2.4 million square meters of land), Forty West (The mixed-use complex that was completed in 2009 by the internationally renowned Boston-based Machado and Silvetti Architects), and The Polygon (A commercial project with a total size of 90,000m2). SODIC also advertises Caesar (One of Egypt's most stunning bays on the Mediterranean North Coast. Designed with simplicity in mind). 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Allegria | Forty West | The Polygon | Ceaser

Advertiser: SODIC

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | #ThinkDOOH

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