Global Village is one of the UAE’s most significant and fascinating touristic places. The space includes many tents each one is for a specific country or region that has shops and food trucks. Many shows, exhibitions, and concerts are also taking place in the space as part of the Global Village activities. So, the Global Village is gathering the whole world in one place!

A campaign has been spotted in the streets of Dubai promoting Dubai’s very own Global Village. For the campaign Backlite and Group Plus' uni pole and the digital screen out-of-home spaces are utilized to raise awareness for the event. 

“Lighting Up Thousands of Smiles” is the name of the campaign and what it’s all about. The village is meant to bring together families and friends and it’s guaranteed that each and every one of you from all ages and backgrounds will be happy, and a smile will be drawn on everyone’s face; this is what the campaign is all about

Moreover, both English and Arabic languages were used in this campaign to communicate with almost every demography on the street. 

The campaign has been spotted on more than one major road, which indicates a geo-distribution that targets a broad audience and therefore introduces the place to a newer demographic. 

This is the first outdoor advertising campaign for the Global Village in 2023, after their last year’s Christmas campaign in December 2022.

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