Following their prior, incredibly influential campaign, Sephora is back on UAE’s billboards alongside the bewildering American-Australian actress Nicole Kidman. Big Little Lies star partners with Vegamour, the award-winning vegan hair, lash, and brow products brand, with what she calls one of her “personal favorites”, known as the GRO Hair Serum. 

The latest campaign by Sephora announces the exclusivity of Nicole Kidmam’s favorite Vegamour GRO Hair Serum only on Sephora. The cosmetics & personal care brand showcases the elegant Nicole Kidman with her beautiful luscious hair, all alongside the perfect shots of the effective GRO hair serum bottles, highlighting its sleek packaging with its efficient dropper bottle. The overall design of the ad spaces perfectly embodies the hair serum’s grace and uniqueness of Nicole Kidman’s secret product. The campaign slogan “Vegamous, Hair You Didn’t Think You Could Have” is noted on the ad spaces, in addition to announcing that the GRO Hair Serum is Exclusively At Sephora. Lastly, a call to action, forwarding people to Sephora’s website is noted. 

The new campaign struck Dubai’s hoarding billboards in the first week of January.

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