The premier residential and commercial locations in the UAE will be provided by Taraf, a property developer and asset manager, who sprung upon Dubai, an OOH campaign capturing all attention. Yas Holding, a renowned investing organization with its headquarters in the UAE, owns Taraf as a subsidiary. 

The developer promises to deliver beautiful and unique luxury residential residences in renowned and prominent areas for domestic and international clientele, with its launch at the beginning of 2023. The meticulous methodology used by Taraf reflects its dedication to creating high-quality, lifestyle-driven environments that motivate its residents and clients to reach their best potential. 

These homes will exemplify the qualities Taraf stands for—innovation, elegance, superior design, and lasting value, and that’s evident in their visuals with jaw-dropping scenery and opulent sites. With an aim to foster strong communities, and relationships, Taraf develops lifestyle destinations that withstand the test of time in an ad copy that adds “Limited collections, exceptional lifestyles, exclusive properties”, translating all their goals onto the billboards. To amp up the thrill, they sneak in that it’s “coming soon,”

Taraf is dedicated to creating buildings that are expertly made and pays close attention to every last detail. Such a strategy demonstrates its constant commitment to building upscale, lifestyle-focused communities and encouraging meaningful lives via places to live and love. Here’s an exclusive tidbit! The company's first project, which reflects these ideals, will be revealed in the following weeks! 

On hoardings, the new campaign from Taraf reached Dubai in the second week of January, with the media provider being BSA

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Taraf

Advertiser: Yas Holding

OOH Size: Hoarding

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Media Provider: BSA

Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Coming Soon

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