Welcome to our monthly Industry Insights report. December 2022’s market insight highlights the OOH market, which covers the outdoor advertising activity on Greater Cairo roadways as a mirror of Egyptian market industries' operations.

When compared to November 2022's OOH occupancy rate of 74%, December 2022 in Greater Cairo saw a 1% decrease in occupancy rate of 73%.

This month, FMCG joins the top two most active OOH industry pioneers: Real Estate and Telecommunications. FMCG (Containing Food and BeveragesCleaning ProductsCosmetics & Personal Care, andPharmaceuticals & Biotech) OOH activity is up 2% from November 2022. In Greater Cairo, the Healthcare and Furniture & Household Items sectors have had a 1% rise in OOH activity compared to November 2022. When comparing November 2022 to this month, the Foodservice industry shows a 1% decrease in OOH activity

There is a 3% increase in OOH activities in December 2022 compared to December 2021, resulting in a billboard occupancy rate of 73% in December 2022 compared to 70% in December 2021.

As we continue our year-to-year OOH activity study for each industry between December 2022 and December 2021, we see that FMCG has a 1% increase rate in OOH activity. When compared to the previous year. The OOH activity rates for the Healthcare, Furniture & Household Items, and Foodservice sectors on the other hand are consistent.

The start of a new quarter and a new year for the Greater Cairo industry is just around the corner. Which industry will surge in January 2023? Keep an eye out for the January 2023 market insights, which will detail the upcoming industry OOH actions for that month.

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