Ever since its establishment in Egypt, Paragon Developments has been peaking our interest using Greater Cairo’s out-of-home spaces. The real estate developer was first seen on outdoor media on January 2022 and has launched a total of 4 OOH campaigns throughout that year. 

The most recent appearance for the real estate developer in Greater Cairo’s outdoor spaces was last December 2022. The branding campaign’s objective was to share with OOH viewers and potential property purchasers its goal to develop “Sustainable and Smart” workspace projects! 

For the first time on Greater Cairo’s outdoor spaces, Paragon Developments launches two consecutive branding campaigns!  Unlike the last campaign, today’s OOH campaign was a little playful as the real estate developer’s brand name is transformed into an adjective. This is evident as the campaign's ad message is; “ We are Paragonizing Egypt” as Paragon stands for creating and developing a model or pattern of excellence, the real estate developer shares that they aim to develop excellence all over Egypt. 

Sustainability, Smart, Paragonization? What can be expected next from Paragon Developments? 

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