Following their prior appearance from a few days ago, the fast-food multinational Hardee’s is back once again with a new yet appetizing campaign like always, promoting the Super Saytara Burger deal.

The foodservice conglomerate means to show details in every campaign they launch, coming up with the “SAYTARA BOX” giving extremely detailed visuals that show how juicy and mouth-watering the burgers are, alongside their salty fries, coleslaws and refreshing soda drink and for a tempting price which is 269.9 EGP.

The deal combines the Famous Star sandwich, Chicken Fillet, Santa Fe, the Super Star sandwich, and finally two regular fries, two coleslaws, and a one-liter soft drink. As well as providing Hardee’s hotline and website along with the App Store and Google play icons to encourage people to order their unmissable deals and offers!

Want to know more about Hardee’s new campaign location, budget, strategy, and more, you may take a look at our Egypt and The Emirates OOH- dedicated analysis system and media intelligence platform (MOOH).



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