Following their last appearance, B.Tech just launched an out-of-home advertising campaign to capture its audience's attention. This campaign aims to create a fun and engaging experience for viewers and retail shopping enthusiasts to make them feel connected to B.Tech's products and services.

The OOH campaign featured vibrant colors, eye-catching visuals, and an alluring discount messaging to promote the company's brand and services. B.Tech hopes to reach its target audience in a unique way while also showcasing its brand identity in an exciting manner. The campaign utilized a variety of creative executions including multiple color palettes, discount carnivals, and eye-catching colors to lure audiences.

B.Tech used young models engaging in fun activities like listening to music or watching tv to attract their target audience which was the young generation. However, the brand did not forget to lure the older generation too, which is why a large font  50% off was illustrated on billboards. It was also a great advantage to their campaign to use vivid colors that separated them from the competition making their campaign stand out even more

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The Art & Science of OOH

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