6 Superstar Ambassadors on 1 Billboard!! You Don’t Dream it; It’s Happening with WE’s Rebranding Impressive Campaign

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6 Superstar Ambassadors on 1 Billboard!! You Don’t Dream it; It’s Happening with WE’s Rebranding Impressive Campaign

In this campaign review, expect everything shiny, new, and rebranded!

Since the beginning of January of the new year and we Telecom has occupied the OOH prime spots with a teaser campaign that made us wonder what the telecom brand has to offer this time.

The campaign was nothing but a sweet mystery, with half the faces of the later-brand ambassadors sneaking a peek at something in purple circles and white background that adds richness to the purple. 

Since it’s a rebranding campaign so, we’re expecting some significant changes, and the first thing that you cannot miss is the logo, as it appears different than the usual logo that we are used to. And honestly, this current logo looks very clean and minimal yet unforgettable. 

The brand was brilliant enough to choose ambassadors that could reach different demographics of the network users. Nadine Nassib Njeim, who is famous for her drama series roles such as Salon Zahra, means the campaign targets the person who is interested in watching drama, in other words, housewives, in addition adding three ambassadors representing Gen Z, which is 50% of the ambassadors' number, Marwan Moussa, Huda El Mufti, and Nour El Nabawy and the reason behind that is because Gen Z are digital natives, with a higher level of social media usage than other generations, which will be a very strong point of sale to we’s internet products. Of course, we cannot forget the diva Hend Sabry and the superstar Amr Saad who will serve best the customer who’s with a little older generation, “Gen X.”

The campaign’s main message is to celebrate reaching 12 million customers to offer 12 million gigabytes as a gift to their loyal customers, which is a very emotional direction the brand followed to make it even more unforgettable.

The brand’s new color palette is very interesting, choosing the violet purple that symbolizes in marketing royalty, wealth, and richness, which positions the brand as prestigious. It’s worth mentioning that the local telecom giant used 360 advertising media formats to excite viewers with what’s yet to come.

Either we’re reviewing the teaser or the reveal campaign; we telecom did a tremendous job when it came to booming! Is the campaign successful on many levels, either the ambassadors' choice, the significant rebranding, or the wide Geo-distribution that nearly covered most of Greater Cairo’s OOH spots. What new features and offers will the telecom offer this year? 

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