Nothing ® has appeared in Dubai’s outdoors advertisement with a new campaign for the “Phone (1)”. The mobile devices brand aims to create fewer interruptions and extra soul. 

The phone is formulated as machine-like and was honored as one of the best inventions of the year 2022. With a Glyph interface that offers a brand new technique to communicate, the phone incorporates unique light patterns that work as a caller ID, for notifications, charging status, and more. Its design is based on dual-side Gorilla Glass and symmetrical bezels and frame, highlighted by the 50 MP sensors. The Android system guarantees a speedy performance.

The phone is the centerpiece of the visuals, claiming all attention to it with a colorful parrot perched on top of the mobile device. Sharaf DG’s logo is added as a call to action to buy the phone from the famed retailer. The ad copy reads, “Phone (1) Pure Instinct”, positioning the phone in the market as so. 

Now, sustainability is more relevant and important than ever. Therefore, the fact that Nothing ® is a pioneer in the industry with more than 50% of their plastic materials extracted from recycled goods. It’s not just that, but their packaging is also recycled and the aluminum used is 100% recycled. This makes the phone trendy and in touch with younger generations, who are environmentally conscious and aware. 

The new campaign popped out in hoardings and wall wrappings from NW Advertising, in the first week of January.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Devices

Brand: Nothing ®

OOH Size: Hoarding | Wall Wrapping

OOH Agency: NW Advertising

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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