It’s a never-ending world of entertainment when it comes to Egyptian stars taking Cairo’s spotlight like they always do, announcing the release of another amusing film ‘ Nabil Al Gamel Akhesaay Tagmil’ coming along their way in a campaign widely spread all over Cairo by Target Productions. 

Upon the outdoor billboard comes all the information needed one must know about the released movie, starting from displaying popular film casts such as Mohammad HenedyMohamed SallamMohamed Tharwat, Mahmoud Hafez, Rahma Ahmed Farag, Nour, Diaa El Merghany, Mohamed El Sawy, Madlyn Tabar, Chyma Al Cherief, Yasser El Tobgy, and Mohmed Radwan all posing as a reflection of what they’re character is in the movie. Through the poster, it’s also shown it’s a thriller-comedy movie by how the film cast interpreted it through their facial expressions and the medical setting behind it a message conveying the movie’s theme to the directed target audience. The film title comes in large letters, in addition to the name of directors, writers, and authors as well.

In case anyone didn’t know, the film is based on an idea by Henedy himself, along with the script being written by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mahrez.

The campaign was widely publicized across Cairo, ensuring that everyone in the city would see and take notice of the advertisement. 

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