Following their previous campaign, Alpago Group is back once again to redefine your definition of living; promoting all of the group’s subsidiaries including Alpago Homes Real Estate, Alpago Contracting, Alpago Properties, and F1rst Motors, displayed in their campaign throughout Dubai.

As per usual the campaign visuals were extraordinarily successful at gaining the audience's attention with luxurious lifestyle displaying super vehicles, absolutely magical views, and magnificent properties. All imagery used had a futuristic design which is what Alpago Group aims to elevate.  Alpago also changed its previous monochrome theme to warmer colors to shadow a cozier and more settled environment.

Visuals of subsidiaries were spread across lamposts and bridge pillars to gain attention from audiences evenly, while the group imagery was illustrated on hoardings fitting in all their projects to illustrate their complete portfolio of luxury brands serving the real state and automotive industries.

This campaign popped up in the third week of December, displayed on hoardings, lampposts, and bridge pillars. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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