Majesty International School is back again in the OOH Cairo chart after almost one year of disappearance. The previous campaign was about the same topic as the current campaign we’re about to review in seconds.  

Admission to IGCSE is now open, and the school is enthusiastic about it, as it dedicates one campaign per year only to this matter. The School, this time, is following the “simple school”; multiple visuals showdown the activities waiting for your child at the educational establishment. From happy teachers to tennis playgrounds and science labs, you name it for your child's education successful journey. 

The billboards show all the information the walk-ins may need, such as the hotline and address, and on the right side, the campaign's main message, along with the logos of Cambridge, Pearson, the British Council, and oxford.  The OOH campaign has been spread on main roads to target a specific audience that can be interested in applying for IGCSE education for their children.

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