A Lighthearted Day Awaits Dubai’s DOOH Watchers with Hermès Paris & Its Whimsical Campaign Film

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Hermès Paris, the symbol of fashion wear, elegance, and cutting-edge style, has dazzled Dubai’s DOOH audiences with a new video campaign that is bound to make jaws drop and eyes widen in marvel. Their previous campaign was announcing that the “Petit H” workshop had arrived in Dubai. 

Models Raynara Negrine, Cheikh Dia, Merlijne Schorren, and Taemin Park appear in the luxury brand Hermès Paris’ advertising campaign, which was shot by fashion photographer Jack Davison. In its newest advertisement, the French luxury house Hermès promotes whimsy and a sense of innocent curiosity about the universe, with almost child-like wonder. 

The visuals follow a gorgeous story-telling style where the cavalryman on horseback is posted as a guard atop Hermès' roof. He thinks about the things he will learn this afternoon as he enjoys himself, and zooms onto the brand’s logo with funky binoculars. Definitely, a highlight of this DOOH campaign is its cool, unusual props and colorful setting. For a light, carefree afternoon, the collections of objects come to life and the scarves fluttering in the wind. The items that have come from all of Hermès' métiers to converge here on top of the Faubourg were currently brushed by a light breeze on the billboards. The ad copy reflects their message, “A lighthearted day”.

The third week of December in Dubai was lit up with Hermès Paris’ campaign, on gripping digital screens. 

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