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You Can Win the Top Campaigns Race With One Letter! A Teaser Campaign Took the Cake, and the Rest Is History

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One quote that describes outdoor marketing is, “Don't push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are,” Street marketing offers the chance to overcome various obstacles to marketing and promotion. You get to interact with potential clients face-to-face, which is an excellent method to bring business to the venture. Deciding to use street marketing in the brand's favor can significantly influence it; Welcome to the monthly talk of the top campaigns that visited the streets during November 2022.

This month’s first spot surprisingly went to the infamous “R” campaign; the campaign was a TBD campaign with a motto said “Flowing West,” which made us wonder till the reveal campaign what this campaign would be. The campaign occupied 104 ad faces and took the first spot in the top campaigns race.

The second spot went to HDP’s campaign under the motto “All Around You”, the real estate brand occupied the OOH market with a total of 101 ad faces.

The third campaign is related to the first campaign as it was a reveal campaign of the TBD campaign we just spoke about, and it was no surprise that it’s a real estate campaign. Since we are familiar that Real Estate is an industry that’s always on the top of out-of-home advertising. The real estate developer Tatweer Misr with its newest project, "Rivers New Zayed”. Continuing the theme “Flowing West,” the reveal campaign’s message was “Exclusivity Flows West.”

The campaign’s reveal campaign took 100 ad spots.

The fourth campaign in the rank was Jumia’Black Fridaycampaign with a total 79 ad faces; the campaign featured a brand ambassador that we recognize from “Al Kabir Awi” series; yes, it’s Mohamed Sallam. The campaign was a multi-channel, as you could spot it beside the OOH campaign on youtube, social media, and TV commercials.

The fifth campaign went to the real estate developer Gates Developments, specifically its project Gates Privé; the campaign was announcing its launch in Zayed neighborhood, with a total of 65 ad faces of the whole market’s strength.

Follow the infographic to see some of the more exciting campaigns that conquered Cairo's billboards this month. Also, through November's market insight, learn more data and figures about the latest analysis of Cairo's billboards.

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