November is best known for the month containing very high discounts for various products and services. Many consumers await the month. For today’s Market Insights, we would like to share the impact of the annual occasion on the OOH activity for the Industry Leaders!  Welcome to our monthly Market Insights report for November 2022, produced to showcase the OOH market; it covers the outdoor advertising activity on the roads of Greater Cairo as a reflection of the Egyptian market industries’ activities.

November 2022 in Greater Cairo witnessed an excellent increase in the occupancy rate of 74% when compared to October 2022’s OOH occupancy rate of 70%.

This month, a good percentage of 4% growth is noticed in Telecommunications in OOH activity compared to October 2022. A growth rate of 1% in OOH activities is also noticed for Retail Shopping compared to October. On the other hand, FMCG (Containing Food and Beverages, Cleaning Products, Cosmetics & Personal Care, and Pharmaceuticals & Biotech) showcases a decline rate of 3% compared to October.

When comparing November 2022’s out-of-home occupancy rate in Greater Cairo to November 2021, the 74% occupancy rate is consistent in both months.

As we continue the year-to-year OOH activity analysis for each industry between November 2022 and November 2021, we notice that the growth rate of OOH activity for Telecommunications is 3%. At the same time, Retail Shopping’s activity rate of 3% is consistent compared to October 2021. FMCG’s OOH activity rate of 6% is also constant compared to October 2021.

With the continuation of the most awaited FIFA World Cup that takes place every four years till the end of the month of December 2022 and the Christmas Season taking place in the month of December. Which industry leaders will continue to use the OOH spaces of Greater Cairo for advertising special offers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tournament? Will Industry Leaders also promote special discounts for their Christmas season services?

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