Calling all photographers abroad! The international photography festival, Xposure, has declared its presence on the UAE’s billboards, revealing its dates, location, and more. We know you’re just dying to find out about this hyped event! The events and exhibitions followers in the UAE should definitely look out for this occurrence.

All levels of photography aficionados should use Xposure as their platform of choice. There are several opportunities to pick up new skills, build a network of pros and enthusiasts, and find inspiration through photography talks, portfolio evaluations, competitions, workshops, and focus groups, among other activities. During the seven-day annual festival, Xposure, well-known photographers, and industry leaders gather to network and share their expertise with the public.

Xposure is taking place in Sharjah, from the 9th of February to the 15th, as seen on eye-catching, wine-red billboards that showcase the event’s prestige and professionalism, as well as give a taste of the excitement. From exhibitions to photography and film awards, and a trade show, the event will also make use of the auditorium at the Expo Centre. 

Xposure disclosed this new campaign in Dubai in the second week of December, via uni-poles and digital screens.

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