If you’re looking for a cream-filled cake to replace your dessert, the search is over! Kamara Sponge cake just got released; food & beverage guru Happy Sweet Food Industries just furnished Cairo’s streets with its newest release of the cake range under the name of “Kamara Sponge Cake.”

The idea seems to be executed before by another confectionary manufacturer, which makes us expect competition to our favor in the quality and the taste. 

The campaign’s artwork is a story related to the social media/TV commercial with a comedic twist to it, such as a story between a father and a teenage son to create an emotional connection between the audience and the product. With ad copy that says, “Kamara has a tender heart,” which we find a clever innuendo.

Last but not least the campaign has been occupying major roads and streets to promote the new product with wide coverage.

Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & UAE, to learn more about Kamara newest campaigns. 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages

Brand: Kamara

Advertiser: Happy Sweet Food Industries

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | #ThinkDOOH

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