Winter is a season that we all love, even if some of us deny it. It is a season of warmth, gatherings, and adventure, and Visit Saudi knows that so well. That is why the Winter Saudi campaign is spread all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi to give you a glimpse of what you can experience in Winter Saudi Arabia. In its previouscampaign, Visit Saudi was inviting people to “Enjoy Every Moment” and was also promoting its Winter destinations with the tagline “A Winter Beyond Imagination”. 

This OOH campaign is divided into different sets as well, some of which are lampposts and others are digital screens. The lampposts’ taglines differ with different pictures from exciting Winter destinations. One of the taglines says “Winter Like Nowhere, Adventures that Live on Forever”, another translates to “Our Winter Differs With Its Tiniest Details”. At the bottom of each lamppost, there’s a message that says “Create unforgettable memories”, signifying how exciting and memorable Saudi’s Winter destinations are. The digital screens feature a breathtaking landscape of TantoraSaudi Arabia, featuring many colorful air balloons with a background of beautiful mountains creating a contrast of modernity and the authenticity of Saudi Arabia’s locations. The one thing all the billboards have in common is the exciting and adventurous atmosphere. 

The Winter Saudi campaign is rich with culture and adrenaline-inducing events, which is the perfect combination if you want some winter fun along with breathtaking scenes. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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