PEPSI just returned to the OOH scene after another campaign with the same motto, “thirsty for more,” campaign last November in current year. 

This time the campaign was awe-inspiring as the previous campaign was only on hoarding. This round of the “Thirsty For More” campaign uses 3D OOH outdoor displays in the JBR area to create eye-catching illusions through the power of perspective. These were then replaced by cans of Pepsi Blue and Pepsi Black, each of which bounced off the screen to show Pepsi fans cheering in different languages. Finally, the ad ends with a swirling splash of Pepsi soda with bubbles that leave viewers thirsting for more.

The campaign follows the concept of unity and promoting diversity, and it’s pretty apparent in the cans versions as you can notice Arab, Latin, and African faces on cans.  

It’s worth mentioning that the campaign Launched in Dubai in November 2022; the campaign was created for Pepsi and Pepsico brands by two advertising agencies.

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