Dubai Shopping Festival ( is always known for its cool and vibrant campaigns that are just as inviting as the event itself. In its previous campaign, in collaboration with MBC Group, Dubai Shopping Festival was announcing its opening concert featuring the superstars Mohamed Hamaki and Ahmed Saad

In this digital campaign, Dubai Shopping Festival is dedicating its efforts to showing the beauty of the city in a breathtaking and colorful picture of Dubai and Dubai’s skyscrapers. There is a simple message on the billboard that translates to “Experience the Exceptional” alongside the timing of the festival starting from the 15th of December until the 29th of January. The campaign's simple message along with the overpowering Purple hue in the background picture would make anyone feel optimistic and excited about the festival, which in the end, is the goal. 

Dubai Shopping Festival knows how to do OOH campaigns the right way, so, off to the next one! 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Events & Exhibitions


Advertiser: Dubai Shopping Festival

OOH Size: Digital Screen

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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