The  month of March has been unexpectedly busy. Controversy, big events, and  special occasions have affected the OOH Industry of Greater Cairo in  unpredictable ways!

With an overall occupancy of 81%, we have certainly noticed the extra campaigns, as compared to the 76% occupancy from last February. Mother’s Day  has undoubtedly contributed to part of the extra work, notwithstanding  the second half of the month has been busier than previous years.

Our top advertiser industry, Real Estate, has grown again this month. Not surprisingly, with Cityscape Egypt taking place from 29th to 30th  of March, we have seen all the major Egyptian developers grab the  opportunity to advertise their booth at this key exhibition of the year  and bring to the billboards their most remarkable projects.

Some brands have really made an impact, as in the case of Sabbour Group, who has launched a massive OOH campaign for their flagship project Landmark, as well as projects L’Avenir and Green Square,  with strategically chosen locations for highly-effective audience  impact. Other regular advertisers of the industry have kept a similar  approach to the previous month, such as Il Monte Galala, Stella Di Mare, and Al Burouj, or have decreased the number of locations this month, like SARAI – who we guess is cooking something big for next month!

Broadcast Media has taken the industry by storm this month, with campaigns from Al Nahar and CBC fighting for the first two positions of our Top 20 ranking. Al Nahar,  who has ranked first this month with the highest number of faces  booked, focused on promoting the new shows for next season, while CBC‘s  campaign advertised their current shows. Two different approaches,  though very similar strategies with both channels showcasing their TV  stars. MBC Misr  has also appeared profusely, and though the choice of locations doesn’t  match the strategic positioning of their previous campaigns, still  ranks on the eight position.

The Ceramic&SanitaryWare industry has come back to our Top 20 by the hand of El Sallab Group, who launched a huge campaign with “crazy” discounts and got to rank on the third position. Egyptian giant Mazloum,  who has kept an uncontended first position during January and February,  has cut the number of ads by half this month and gone down to position  13th, but still visible in our ranking.

A new addition to our industry share of March has been the shopping malls, overtaking a total 2% of the occupancy. Mall of Egypt  launched a massive awareness campaign promoting their snow outlet which  they have affectionately called “The Egyptian North Pole”.

And let’s not forget the main events of the month: Mother’s and Women’s Days! As every special occasion, they have left us a bit of “sweet and salty” feelings. Some Egyptian tycoon brands like El Araby  launched a warm campaign with caring messages for the queens of our  families, which got very positive feedback from the viewers, while other  brands like Sunny opted  to celebrate Women’s Day with a challenging campaign that has left  behind not only controversy, but sourness towards the brand.

As we said at the beginning of the article, March has been an unexpectedly busy month with unpredictable outcomes!

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