The famous multivitamin, Centrum just appeared on the Egyptian capital’s roads. Centrum’s launch to the Egyptian market was announced at the end of November by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). One of the many category-leading brands owned by the company, Centrum, enables millions of individuals to take charge of their daily health.

The first-ever campaign of Centrum came out in 2 versions, men’s and women’s versions, with two colors, green and red. This approach is called marketing; gender-based marketing is a famous technique to sell your brand to both genders. Gender marketing has shown to be an effective strategy for many organizations. This is especially true for businesses that create goods or provide services tailored to a particular gender. For instance, feminine hygiene products are obviously targeted toward women; therefore, adopting gender marketing might be advantageous since it tends to attract female consumers. Additionally, by enhancing brand familiarity, this method can assist businesses that use this marketing strategy to succeed. 

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