Smiles app strikes again in Dubai and Sharjah with 50% offers on groceries with code Start50. In its previous OOH campaign, Smiles announced their newest accessible option of groceries, and now, Smiles is making it even more accessible with its latest OOH awareness campaign

For sure, Smiles lives up to its name because the app is all about deals. It is about making people’s lives easier and maybe adding more smiles to their faces. In their latest OOH campaign, Smiles featured multiple bridge billboards in Dubai and Sharjah. The billboards were simple, featuring the smiles logo, their famous smiling mascot holding a 50% balloon in his hands, and a sentence that translates to “Shop your groceries with Smiles and get a 50% discount”. The billboard also features the discount code Start50 to increase accessibility for everyone to the offer. The billboard is simple and sectioned evenly so the reader can quickly catch the details. It is colorful, straightforward, and easy on the eyes, making it as easy for everyone to read. 

Smiles truly understands the effect of making things easier on people; the app lifts a huge burden off its customers. In this climate, caring is the best service, and Smiles is doing it so well. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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