Today marks a new milestone for six years of experience in the Egyptian real estate market; NAIA developments as they utilize out-of-home advertising for the first time as an advertising medium to showcase the company's services. 

Ever since NAIA Developments' establishment in 2016, the real estate developer’s clear focus on providing clarity to its clients is evident as they aim to showcase how it runs its projects through a group of subsidiaries, providing a wide range of inclusive services with superior integration and growth in everything it does. This statement is visible on its website as they showcase the two residential projects developed by them. 

As the real estate developer aims to invest over 30 billion Egyptian Pounds in both residential projects for the next three years, NAIA Developments uses outdoor and digital OOH spaces in Greater Cairo to raise awareness among the OOH viewers with its first branding campaign. To introduce the real estate vision for potential property owners in West Cairo and North Coast. The OOH visuals for the campaign showcase the ad message “Imagine Living” to highlight how the real estate aims to ignite the spark for potential residential property buyers with modern residential projects. Interested to know more about NAIA Developments? The real estate developer displays its hotline on the billboard spaces for OOH viewers.

As one of the residential projects is in West Cairo, NAIA Developments uses Zayed Digital Boards' DOOH spaces to inform Zayed residents that a modernized project is being built in the area. 

Will the next OOH campaign for NAIA Developments raise awareness for NAIA West or NAIA Bay? 

Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, to learn more about this campaign.


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