For over 15 years, Multibank Group, founded in California, USA, has helped people grow their wealth by investing funds in Gold, Forex, and Crypto Currencies.

Since 2021, the financial service provider has been advertising its service in the United Arab Emirates using out-of-home advertising. The last appearance of MultiBank Group in the streets of Dubai was two months ago, with October 2022’s marketing objective to raise awareness for its services. The distinctive message that the financial service provider in the Hoarding spaces highlight is their global validation with the ad message that describes how MultiBank Group is “The World’s Largest & Most Regulated Online Financial Derivatives Group.” 

With October 2022’s goal is to showcase the validation of the Group, MultiBank Group decided to use a more personalized approach in today’s outdoor campaign. Using a creative Die-cutconcept on Hoarding spaces in Dubai visualize not only happy individuals using what seems to be an upgraded version of the mobile app (with a better user interface and user experience), when compared to the visuals of the last campaign but also the call to action to “Invest with Us Because Life is Better with Money”. The first time use of the Digital Screen spaces in Dubai by the financial service readvertises last October’s campaign statement.   

The Art & Science of OOH

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