IL Cazar is an international name inspired by the great Caesar, reflecting a bolder leap into introducing new projects after Greek Town and promising branded projects with international standards of excellence in every detail. The il Cazar’s establishment also aims to positively impact the community by contributing to the real estate industry in Egypt and constantly working on enhancing the standards in the market.

These projects are projected in their previous campaign and showcased even better in this campaign introducing the Creek district, which is inspired purely by the ancient Greek town of Caesar. And since all projects of the IL Cazarr developments are imagined and developed according to Caesar's ancient refined greek cities, all the campaigns are influenced by the greek charming aroma. 

The billboard perfectly illustrates Greek elegance using visuals of the sophisticated Creek district buildings. The campaign also used mysterious imageries of shadow-like individuals in motion and a female model covering her face, which are thrilling visuals to trigger audience curiosity. A motto was also used, “In The Middle Of Everywhere,” to shadow the intelligent location of the development.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Creek District

Advertiser: IL Cazar Developments

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Branding Campaign

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