Orange Egypt is back on the billboards of Greater Cairo this month featuring a joint offer of “recharge and shop” with Carrefour.

With Akram Hosny’s popular comic character Syed Abu Hafeza inside a Carrefour’s shopping trolley, the ads feature a mix of Orange’s branding elements and Carrefour shopping bags. The ad copy informs viewers of how to subscribe to the “Recharge and shop at Carrefour” plan, a limited promotion that offers 10x your recharge value, as well as shopping vouchers to spend at Carrefour hypermarkets.

The campaign was launched during the last week of October and uses a great variety of OOH types and sizes, such as uni-poles, mega-signs, double-decker poles, billboards, across most districts of Greater Cairo.

Orange Egypt launches joint offer with Carrefour-00
Orange Egypt launches joint offer with Carrefour-00

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