Fast-paced lifestyle is making all of us busy, which helped in the emergence of delivery applications. Bringing a shopping list, looking for a parking spot, going through aisles and multiple brands which may cause confusion, and standing in a long queue. and yes, you can avoid all of that with one application! since covid-19, eCommerce and courier activities industries have been arising due to the lockdown, and since then both industries have shown increasing revenues. 

Drops are one of those applications that showed increasing success. The previous campaign of the application wasn’t long ago, that was an awareness campaign. the current campaign is showing off its point of strength which is “special offers”. A billboard that says “Shop more Spend less” with a grocery bag gives a hint to the pedestrians of what the billboard is all about.

The mobile app campaign has been spread in Dubai and has been displayed on lampposts, unipoles, and bridge billboards.

The Art & Science of OOH

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