Etihad Arena is a platform for every viral event in town, fon example the previous kickboxing legendary match between Bivol VS Remierez. was on the very Etihad Arena

which brings us to the legendary event of today’s review, The Lion King Musical. coinciding with the celebration of 25-Year Legacy of performing the musical on Broadway. The Disney Theatrical decided to visit the MENA region to entertaining us from 10th of Nov till Dec 10th.

On hoarding and bridge billboard in Dubai and Abu Dhabi you will come across the campaign

to announce this historical event. the artwork came in 2 versions the Bridge Billboard version is the classica lion face motif of The Lion King with the signature yellow and the moto “Circle of Life” the infamous Sir/Elton John’s song. The hoarding billboard is different as it shows the dates of the event, the call to action of the website of tickets bookings  and the musical’s location. in the footer of the billboard you can see the official sponsors Michaelcasselgroup, Etihad Airways, Hiltondu, ADCB, YAS island.

inteerstingly enough The Lion King was the first Disney’s production that has a storyline, as before this number All Disney films before this were based on fairy tales or books.

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