Dyson, the home appliances mogul, just visited Dubai’s digital screens to promote their limited edition of the hyped Airwrap multi-styler. Dyson is no stranger to the outdoor advertising scene. The previous campaign was back in October to promote their cordless vacuums.

The current campaign is about the revolutionary Airwrap™ multi-styler if you don’t know why it’s revolutionary. Simply it makes you exert 0 effort during curling the hair, as the power of the air grabs the hair and wraps it around itself with “Enhanced Coanda airflow.”

Since the Airwrap™ multi-styler was released in 2018, the hairstyling tool has been enhanced until the version we’re reviewing today comes with new attachments to give you more styles! Moreover, it has a limited edition color that has been promoted in the campaign. Which is “Vinca blue/Rosé.” 

The campaign’s artwork is clean and sleek, as Dyson always offers, and very minimalistic to make you focus on the profound technology they consistently provide us. Of course, the campaign came out in Arabic and English as 99% of UAE’s OOH campaign serves both speakers. 

Dyson chose Dubai to promote its newly enhanced product using the digital medium. 

It’s worth mentioning that Sir/ James Dyson, the owner of Dyson, net worth is estimated at around $5.4 billion from his subversive home appliances range.

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Industry: Home Appliances

Brand: Dyson

OOH Size: Digital Screen

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Airwrap | Awareness Campaign

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