Telecommunications operator Orange Egypt has launched new OOH campaign this month to celebrate with Egyptian consumers their first “official” year in the country.

One of the world's leading telecommunication companies, the French operator entered the Egyptian market via a escalonated acquisition of Mobinil’s shares through different transactions, which started back in September 2011 and finished last February 2015, though Mobinil was not officially rebranded as Orange until March 2016.

For their first official anniversary, Orange has designed a new outdoor campaign showcasing some personalities and professionals from a wide array of industries. The ads keep the direct style of real photo artwork that follows the global branding guidelines, and localizes the campaign with Egyptian personalities.

Happy first anniversary Orange, and we look forward to celebrating with you many more years!

Let’s congratulate Orange on their 1st anniversary-00
Let’s congratulate Orange on their 1st anniversary-00

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