DP World has mounted billboards, taking over the financial services in Dubai. They hit the OOH scene last year in December, celebrating 50 years of the UAE. The company is known for their smart logistic and trade solutions, all while remaining sustainable and economical. 

As mentioned, sustainability is a huge factor in how DP World moves, proven by their chairman’s statement at Egypt’s COP27 summit. His latest statement discussed how plans by DP World include switching its whole global fleet from diesel to electricity, investing in renewable energy, and researching fuel substitutes. The campaign targets businesses which require logistics services who need transportation or cargo handling. 

DP World’s marketing campaign is fueled by a message for change and innovation, supported by their ad copy “Change What’s Possible”, “Making Trade Flow”, and “When everything clicks”. The ad displays a top view of a full cargo ship and two engineers overviewing projects in their helmets and get-ups, showing how trusted and professional they are.  

The new campaign of DP World rose on digital screens and hoardings in Dubai, in the third week of November. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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