If you want to turn it into red, just go to Al Ahly SC, the giant of Africa and its club of the century backing Etisalat by e& in its mission to deliver the new brand of Etisalat by e&, the telecom giant of MENA to the majority of the huge Egyptian market.

Last July, Etisalat Misr launched its new brand (rebranding) OOH campaign across Egypt, with a clear message about being a part of a bigger world of technology and not just telecom services. A few OOH campaigns popped up later until the last campaign of Hekaya with Ahmed Helmy, and now Etisalat by e& looking to ensure the new brand image had turned from green to red by partnering with the biggest sports club brand in MEA, Al Ahly SC. With a breaking record of 10 campaigns, Al Ahly SC comes on top of the sports clubs brands on our magazine platform with a big gap to any other sports club; this is why Etisalat by e& signing again with Al Ahly SC, after the first partnership in 2011 to continue and extend the legacy.

The ad message came out clear and straightforward in a minimal style design; two-thirds of the visual’s right side is the t-shirt of Al Ahly -branded by Adidas- carrying the new Etisalat by e& logo on the chest, and dark red background, all together on the right side of the ad message, while the left side headed by Al-Ahly logo relies on Etisalat by e& logo and footed with “The main & technologic sponsor of Al Ahly SC” on a white background.

The campaign spread the message across Egypt, focusing on Cairo, the capital, and the major cities; the brand covers a wide range of districts and locations with big OOH formats on billboards, uni-poles, double-deckers, and gates.

The campaign was monitored in the second week of November; it was a controversial one in the first days; however, news spread on Twitter and other social media that some of the opponent teams' fans in some cities removed the ads from their districts!

Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, to learn more about the Etisalat by e& campaign.

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