HSBC is back again with another direct and fascinating campaign. This campaign allows everyone to benefit from a Premier account, with so much emphasis on its care to family. 

In its previous awareness campaign, HSBC also showcased one of its amazing benefits, specifically the daily 1% cashback on all purchases. In this OOH Campaign, HSBC is focusing on family. 

The HSBC Premier account has many benefits, including an exclusive range of rewards, offers, and privileges. It also includes preferential rates for loans, mortgages, savings and term deposits, as well as global money transfers. In this OOH campaign, HSBC is showcasing the Premier account family benefits, which includes family banking solutions for children and spouse, Premier Children Savings account and a transactional account with a supplementary debit card for children above 14 years of age, and so much more. 

The bridge billboard has a dark red background, signifying warmth and passion, which immediately draws any eyes to it. Right in the middle, you will find a picture of a mother and daughter, further emphasizing the campaign’s message about family. With the message “Get a Premier account today and your family gets it too with all the benefits”, HSBC shows its keen interest in helping families as well as its care to truly serve people. 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Banking

Brand: HSBC

OOH Size: Bridge Billboard

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Premier Account

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