Lattafa, the perfumery mogul, just launched a vast campaign gathering almost all the OOH mediums out there! In a campaign displayed in Hoarding, digital screen, uni-pole, lampposts, mega com, and bridge pillars. There’s no way you won’t come across this campaign, and to add up to the size of the campaign, it’s been published in 4 emirates, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman. 

The outdoor campaign promoted Lattafa’s new perfume collection, gathering between oriental and french perfumes. The new perfumes you’ll find on the billboards are Shaheen, Awan, Maahir, Asad, Musamam, Eternal Oud, Afaq, Royal Sapphire, Ishq Al Shuyukh, Raed, Bade'e Al Oud, and Yara. 

With the message “Indulge in Luxury,” the fragrance takes the audience to the objective. As the perfumes of Lattafa are marked for being so luxurious, yet they are so affordable. And that’s the reason the brand perfumes fans’ favorite.  It’s worth mentioning that the brand's best-seller is “Oud Mood” and “Shiekh Al Shuyukh.”

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