After appearing in their last October 13 campaign, Apple Inc. the US company best known for its electronic devices always kicks off the outdoor space with stunning ads, this time the ‘Big and Bigger’ campaign about the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus. 

The ad space focuses on the 5 colored iPhones listed next to each other with people holding the iPhone which is very big compared to the size of their hands putting a strong emphasis on how big the iPhone is as the campaign tells. The 5 fantastic colors that Apple dropped in, are aerospace-grade aluminum blue, purple, midnight, starlight, and product red. The two great sizes showcased are iPhone 14 Big (6.1″) and iPhone 14 Pro bigger (6.7″). The campaign slogan “Big and Bigger” is noted and also translated into Arabic, in addition to mentioning the telecommunication advertiser Etisalat UAE below the campaign visuals. 

It is worth mentioning that Apple wants every product to be a hit, so it makes sure to employ effective marketing strategies in order to be number one in the market.

The new campaign popped up in the first week of November as hoarding boards. 

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