In just this month of November 2022, Al Habtoor Motors has achieved a personal record of launching three campaigns in just one month. As the exclusive distributor for Mitsubishi FusoJAC Motors, and Mitsubishi Motors, the automotive distributor decided to launch three separate campaigns for Truck and Bus Drivers, Sedan Drivers, and SUV Drivers.   

The second week of November was the automotive distributor’s last appearance on the streets of Dubai via OOH advertising, with the marketing objective of raising awareness  for JAC Motors. Al Habtoor Motor’s OOH campaign advertised the “Stand-Out from The Crowd” sedan, The Jac J7.

For the third week of November 2022, Al Habtoor Motors uses uni-pole creative concept as die-cut OOH spaces to advertise the “Authentic & Majestic” compact crossover SUV, The Mitsubishi Outlander. The orient red model of the Outlander appears in the OOH spaces with dark grey to set the primary visual focal point towards the crossover SUV. Interested in knowing the price of this sleek and stylish family SUV? Al Habtoor shares their contact information at the bottom left of the OOH spaces.  

With the momentum of launching an OOH campaign for different car models every week? Could we expect that Al Habtoor Motors will launch another outdoor campaign in the 4th week of November? 

The Art & Science of OOH

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