Think vacationing season is over? Think again! Somabay is back at it again on Cairo’s OOH scene. The Red Sea is now flowing on Cairo’s streets from ASDC (Abu Soma Development Company), elevating the real estate sector in Egypt. Their previous appearance involved breathtaking visuals of their landscapes, and so does this one! 

Here’s Insite OOH’s advised agenda for a Somabay day. Golf, spa sesh, dive center, kite surf, grab a bite! Somabay turns everyday life into a waking dream, blessed with magnificent sea vistas. All of this isn’t just fancy descriptions, but you can see this right on Cairo’s roads! Thus, the campaign aims to show how much of this beauty is a reality that people can visit for themselves, increasing internal tourism by stating “Simply Somaboy”; simple indeed, yet effective.

Discover Somabay addresses the adventurers, the risk-takers, and those who want to kick back, unwind and ease their minds off work (ha, we can relate)! Did you think that was it? Well, the campaign is also flaunting Egypt’s talent in the form of photographers! From Farida Bustani and Taimour Othman to Ahmed Abdeltawab and Ahmed Wahda, Somabay triumphs in Egyptian-born creativity and their amazing eye and skill for photography, showing the premier quality of visuals and stunning stills of the aquatic city, labeling their names. Bet it made you stop and stare! Bet it made you stop, stare and gawk in between little gasps of air. Too dramatic? We certainly don’t think so after seeing those images. 

The campaign was distributed all over Cairo, guaranteeing that the whole population from across different regions of the city would see and notice the ad. Catch more details about their OOH usage by visiting MOOH, a monitoring out-of-home intelligence data provider in Cairo & Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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