Anyone notices the happiness that Nutella brings to the mornings as soon as the jar is popped open? Unlike any other spread, the sweetened, global phenomenon Hazelnut category brand worldwide, it never fails to disappoint in its joyful outdoor campaigns; following the cocoa spread, Nutella, takes it to the next level; being a global breakfast, its last January personalized kitchen campaign.

For the ad copy, five UAE locations have been plastered on the jars of Nutella, which are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Liwa, Dubai Creek, and Hatta; And now enthusiasts can get their hands on the delicious sweet treat over a selection of limited edition jars featuring locations throughout the UAE; they don’t like the same as conventional Nutella jars, which have a simple white label with the red and black logo on them. The distinctive-looking packaging offers colorful, beautiful photos that cover the whole jar to liven up every time consumers plunge into their jars of Nutella. All 5 jars are displayed next to each other with a direct call-to-action to “collect them all”, what a great idea to invest in your following Nutella collection of jars, right? 

The campaign’s objective is to boost engagement among Nutella consumers, increase their passion for Nutella, and make them eager to try the limited edition jars while providing them with a unique and pleasurable brand experience in a highly creative way! 

The new campaign was seen in the first week of November on Dubai’s roadways as digital screens. 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages

Brand: Nutella

OOH Size: Digital Screen

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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