Founded with the sole purpose of helping customers live the life of their dreams, Alpago Group has a broad portfolio of companies serving the luxury market, including real estate, luxury automobiles, and a premium jewelry business

However, the Dubai-based developer doesn't monopolize itself in a single group. Instead, they have other subsidiaries, such as Alpago Homes Real Estate, Alpago Contracting, Alpago Properties, and F1rst Motors, displayed in their campaign throughout Dubai. Moreover, to complete the perfect luxury portfolio, it is worth mentioning that Alpago group also has its exotic jewelry brand Milad Gold.

Aiming to become the most acclaimed luxury property developer, luxury car manufacturer, and fine jewelry manufacturer, their branding campaign had to step up to the level; fortunately, it did. 

The campaign, as mentioned before, featured all the luxury subsidiaries the brand has; however, the illustration of the brands is what really caught the audience's attention. And what more elegant colors to display the perfect luxury lifestyle than the elegant colors black and white. That is why all the assets displayed in the ads were visualized in an exquisite monochrome fashion catching the eyes of the passerby audience for the first time in the first week of November. The ads were displayed on hoardings, lampposts, and bridge pillars.

Essentially, they’re geared up to become the go-to firm for every client seeking to maximize their net worth while maintaining their luxury lifestyles, and that is simply called The Art Of Living.

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