ADGM’s Abu Dhabi Finance Week is “Transforming the Future of Finance” on the UAE’s Billboards

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ADGM’s Abu Dhabi Finance Week is “Transforming the Future of Finance” on the UAE’s Billboards

Powered by AGDM, Abu Dhabi Finance Week has just released an OOH campaign in the UAE, informing people of their week-long event and exhibition. Need to get a grip on finance and acquire more knowledge? Well then, stay tuned for this event occurring this month; better catch your tickets! 

ADFW aimed to maximize the number of people seeing this ad before the big event takes place by telling people the date and adding their website (their call to action “register to attend”) to intrigue them into researching and reading more about the event. From the 14th to the 18th of November, ADFW is taking place to “transform the future of finance”. Their ad copy is brief, to the point and engages people to check out the event and keep up with the latest changes in the world of finance. 

The event is seeking those who are interested in finance, and economic themes, including financial technology and innovation, startups and business, venture capital and investment, asset management and capital markets, and economic policy and regulation, as the event is all about that, allowing them to explore new horizons and be part of global investments. The event has endless speakers, over 50 ecosystem partners, and over 100 startups. On blue and purple ad visuals, the campaign gives off a futuristic vibe, relating to the “future” they mention in their ad copy and message, along with “fintech,” “startups,” “investment,” “crypto,” and “sustainable finance.” 

The new campaign was released on uni-poles, lampposts, and digital screens in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in the second week of November. This distribution across Dubai and Abu Dhabi achieved maximum access for people all over the UAE to see this event and when it’s taking place, inviting more people to join in. 

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