Connecta Invites You to the 26th Edition of Cairo ICT’s “Leading Change” Fair & Forum on Cairo’s Billboards

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Connecta Invites You to the 26th Edition of Cairo ICT’s “Leading Change” Fair & Forum on Cairo’s Billboards

Cairo ICT is back on Cairo’s billboards featuring Connecta’s collaboration, following their last appearance for the 25th edition. Having joined the 4-day exhibition showcasing the best-class consumer-centered connective technologies. Following their prior campaign, the new feature on Cairo’s billboards announces the dates of the awaited international technology fair and forum for the middle east and Africa 26th edition, having been set to take place at Egypt’s International Exhibition Center from the 27th to the 30th of November, holding the slogan “Leading Change.”

While the Cairo ICT fair has paved the way for digital transformation for the past 25 years, however, being the regional leader in technology convergence wasn’t without the help of technology verticals, such as Connecta, that enabled the fair to specifically orient the event towards diversified aspects of the industry’s ecosystem as well as an array of topics concerning all who are involved in the market. While the ad spaces announce the big event’s dates and location, they also spotlight Connecta’s involvement in the event & exhibition by being the “Ultimate Youth Meeting Point.” The ad design is exceptionally futuristic, utilizing different visuals like a VR device and a video game controller, as well as different mathematical signs that reflect Connecta’s objective to connect the world with technology exhibitors targeting. Specifically, GEN Z.

It can be noticed in the announcement of both expos in the same campaign, sharing a double-decker billboard which may cause a little confusion for the audience to check which sign, especially when the billboard has been placed in. 

Want to know more about Connecta’s new campaign location, budget, strategy, and more, you may take a look at our Egypt and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence platform (MOOH).

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