After First Abu Dhabi’s previous cashback campaign. FAB returned with another campaign asking us to break up with something very dear!! 

The bank’s new campaign is releasing a new version of credit cards called “Share.” The bank is asking you to end your relationship with your old credit card as the new “Share” one has limitless benefits and earnings.

The campaign came in all black as a primary color to show the audience how the new card has power, elegance, and sophistication. In addition, the execution of the campaign at self. The bank used the bridge billboard and hoarding display to promote the new card, let alone the creative concept of the die cut that you can see easily from afar. It’s worth mentioning that the campaign was spotted in Dubai and Sharjah.

You can also spot the Al Futtaim logo on the OOH, and that’s because the usage of the FAB SHARE card will allow having share points if you’re a member of the SHARE rewards program from Alfuttaim.

The bank’s CFO, James Burdett, just announced his retirement last month to settle in New Zealand with his family. After 8 years of serving FAB and was a great addition to the banking sector.

The Art & Science of OOH

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