Nejoum Al Jazeera takes off on UAE’s OOH arena for the first time, featuring an eye-catching visual, enticing Dubai’s audience to ship their cars from America now.  

The automotive transportation company easily ships your cars from America’s significant auctions that you can buy from, giving you a chance to explore all your options. On the campaign ad space, Nejoum Al Jazeera features a shipment container with a car halfway out of it, indicating that, indeed, any desired car can be acquired through their shipment options. The visual is placed upon a blue background, which is a masculine color, proven to grab men’s attention as well as symbolizing expertise, stability, and confidence. The ad copy notes the campaign slogan “Ship Your Car from America” in Arabic, in addition to a subtle mention of Nejoum Al Jazeera’s social media handles, number, and website, encouraging the audience to get in contact.     

The new campaign struck Sharjah uni-pole billboards in the fourth week of October. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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